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Collibra Go-to-Market Enablement Hub

Redesign and optimization of Collibra's sales asset management platform.

Visual design
Platform implementation + optimization
Content audit + organization

Members of the sales team at Collibra depend on a host of digital assets to engage with prospects and customers to land new deals and expand existing ones. Internally, Collibra uploaded these assets as they became available to Showpad, an asset management platform. However, they lacked asset governance, causing duplicates of files, outdated content, and poor taxonomy. This made it difficult for employees to find the files they needed, and to do so efficiently.

Tasked with redesigning the structure of the site while still working within the confines of the platform, we audited the content, reducing the number of assets by 30%, implemented more logical naming conventions, and began to organize files by product, role, campaign, and stages of the sales process using a refreshed tagging system. We ensured that proprietary content couldn't be shared externally, and we set up spaces that could be accessed by Collibra's partner organizations. Once the foundation was laid, we elevated the visual design to meet brand standards and dubbed it Collibra's Go-to-Market Enablement Hub.

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